Thursday, April 27, 2006

Lyrics of the Day

I'm adding another recurring feature today. For those who want insight into my twisted mind ("If you can take a man's life for the thoughts that's in his head" -- Bruce Springsteen, "Johnny 99"), the Lyrics of the Day will be whatever floats through my head. Sometimes I will add commentary; sometimes I'll just let the words speak for themselves. By the way, if anyone has a favorite lyrics Web site that doesn't have pop-ups and other garbage, please let me know.

Today's lyrics are from "Andy's Chest" by Lou Reed:

If I could be anything in the world that flew
I would be a bat and come swooping after you

Cause you know what they say about honey bears
When you shave off all their baby hair
You have a hairy minded pink bare bear
I haven't listened to this goofy but catchy song in years, and I don't know what made me think of it today in the shower. "Andy's Chest" appears on Transformer, which also includes the classic "Walk on the Wild Side." The cover shows the cadaverous Reed of the early 1970s that my mom loves... to make fun of. I have almost all of his albums, including a rare vinyl copy of the self-titled first record, but I haven't bought his last few CDs.

Reed also performed "Andy's Chest" with the Velvet Underground. That version was recorded earlier but released later, on VU. Incidentally, it does not appear on the five-disc Peel Slowly and See box set, which includes almost everything else the Velvets recorded.

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