Wednesday, April 12, 2006

It Fits!

Tuesday I took my bike up to the North Branch Trail (Ride 20 from Biking Illinois for those following along at home -- this isn't some sort of book release celebration, though; these are just the trails nearby that I like to ride). It was my first time putting my Co-Motion Americano in the Focus. The main reason I wanted the hatchback was so I could transport my bike without the hassle of a trunk rack. Thank goodness it fit! I would have been pretty irritated if it didn't. There isn't as much room to spare as when I used to put my Raleigh hybrid in my 1993 Probe GT, but I think the Americano is longer and the Focus is shorter. Whatever -- it works, and I can say goodbye to bungee cords and road grime.

The ride itself was good, about 20 miles. My ankles were fine, but my sit bones were a little sore, to my surprise. That's what I get for not riding all winter. I was crushed to see the Happy Hound on Touhy Avenue was closed and for sale. Not only was I especially hungry this afternoon, but their french fries were perfect when I ate there last summer so I was really looking forward to them.

In other news, I did my first interview for the book Tuesday afternoon. I'm starting to feel like a real author!

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