Thursday, April 27, 2006

Dueling Dwarfs

The Chicago Tribune reports that the dwarf wrestlers planning to appear tonight at Bar Chicago on Division Street should expect to be protested by a similarly sized activist named Gary Arnold. Arnold abhors the use of the word "midget" to promote these events because her perceives it as a slur. Plus he thinks the show is just about ridiculing people because of their size.

I think I'd have to side with the wrestlers. If they are able to turn their genetic situation into a way to make money, then that's great. All wrestling beyond college and the Olympics is about showmanship anyway. And that's synonymous with self-promotion and self-exploitation. If these guys aren't being forced against their will, who cares? It's not something I would watch, but I don't watch steroid-loaded, oversized, musclehead pro wrestlers either.

Likewise, if the wrestlers don't mind being called midgets, why should Arnold force his opinion about the word on them? If someone calls Arnold a midget, he can be offended. If someone calls the wrestlers midgets and they don't mind, why should Arnold have anything to do with it?

The big winner in this "controversy" is Bar Chicago. I had never even heard of the place, much less the "entertainment" they offer, before this story erupted in print and on local television.

Of course, the thought on every guy's mind upon reading this story is, What about midget porn? Again, that's not my thing, but this guy would be pretty upset if protesters like Arnold put a stop to it.

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