Thursday, March 02, 2006

Free Maxi Pads!

If anyone doubts my love for getting a deal, read on...

The story began last week when I bought some Stayfree maxi pads at Jewel (a grocery store) for my wife. They were on sale 2 for $5, and I had a coupon for $1 off. When I checked out, the machine at the register spat out a coupon for $2 off Always pads, any size. Those machines offer deals to try to get consumers to switch brands, but Always is my wife's usual brand anyway (she said I could buy Stayfree since it was on sale).

This week I noticed in the Jewel/Osco sale flyer that Always pads are 2 for $5. Cool, I'll get a package for only 50 cents, I thought. Today I walked into Jewel and stopped at the Avenu machine. This is a relatively new feature where you scan your Preferred Card and get a page of personalized savings good for one day. I scanned my card, thinking it was a waste of time since the Avenu offers are never for anything I want to buy. At first glance, today's special savings looked to be more of the same. But the eleventh item of the twelve on the sheet caught my eye: "$.50 OFF Always Feminine Pads & Pantiliners."

YES! I combined the 50-cent Avenu savings with the $2 coupon... and I got a free package of maxi pads! I'd venture to guess that there aren't a lot of guys out there who'd be so excited about this, but it made my day.

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