Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Anyone Going to Paris This Summer?

I have been waiting to announce this, but now it appears to be a sure thing. One of my photographs will be displayed in a special exhibition at the Museum national d'Histoire naturelle of Paris! The topic is "Dragons," and they are using my photo of the Piasa on the Mississippi River near Alton, IL. It opens on April 5 and runs through November 6, 2006.

There were some issues with the first photo they tried to use, so the photo didn't make the deadline to get into the accompanying book. Still, I am very excited since this is the first international showing of any of my work. Unfortunately, I will not be going to Paris anytime soon, so I won't get to see it. If by chance anyone reading this goes to the museum between April and November, could you please take a picture of my picture for me?

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