Friday, February 17, 2006

Rearranging the Virtual Furniture

Today a potential copywriting client found my Web site and called me regarding some work. Whenever someone finds me on the Web, it is an invitation for me to revisit my site's design and content. It has been several months since I updated even the "what's new" portion of the page. A quick review of the whole corporate section (only five pages, tiny compared to, say, Dave's Bicycling Pages) brought one word to mind: blah. My pages are pedestrian -- not blindingly ugly but not particularly attractive either. Tonight I tried to tweak a few things, but now I feel a redesign coming on. I'll start with a lighter shade of blue...

One thing I added to the home page and this blog is a handy link to to (pre) order my book. Someday there should be a cover photo in that little box, but right now even I don't know what the cover will look like. That's one part of the publishing process where I didn't have any input. (And no, you don't need to remind me that just weeks ago I was complaining about Amazon's Christmas order fulfilment problems.)

UPDATE 02/20/2006 - Okay, it's finished. Not exactly radical or cutting-edge, but I think it is cleaner and more direct. I eliminated pages that were placeholders for nonexistent content, and I put contact info on every page instead of separating it. After all, why make clients click an extra time to get in touch with me when that's the whole objective of the site?

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