Sunday, February 26, 2006

Bastard of the Day

Actually, this is my nominee for Bastard of the Decade, but she's in the news again. Katherine Harris wants to be Florida's next senator, and The New Republic has a an article about this peculiar woman. Although she got into the House easily enough, the GOP bigwigs aren't so enthusiastic about her running for the Senate.

Ironically (and I'm surprised the article didn't mention it), it's the same problem with running Hillary Clinton for president -- so many people have already made up their minds before she opens her mouth that it's going to be hard to win over anyone who isn't a hardcore party supporter. Every mention of Harris in the news is like picking at the scab of the 2000 election. The Republicans know that she won't attract votes from anyone who doesn't like Bush at the moment since she, ever the dutiful campaign chairman, delivered victory to him. The scary thing shown in the article is that the true believers really think she's wonderful. (Of course the difference between the two women is that the Senate is relatively "low stakes" compared with the Oval Office.)

TNR cruelly resurrects a litany of slurs flung at Harris regarding her makeup in 2000, which seems petty to me. This article gives me plenty of better reasons to hate Harris:
  • She is a citrus heiress with a net worth once estimated at $5.5 million. Don't get me wrong; I don't despise rich people in general. But an heiress is just someone who popped out of a lucky womb like Paris Hilton, and the last thing the U.S. Senate needs today is another fat cat with a sense of entitlement (of course, the House also has its share of those).
  • She was a prom queen. I'll admit that I hate prom queens in general. I think they all should be vanquished to trailer parks within five years of graduation. Call it the price of popularity, or peaking too soon.
  • Worst of all, in her two terms in the House, she has consistently toed the party line, and we know where that has led us.

The most shocking thing in the article is an assertion by one of her former aides: "She thinks she's the smartest person in the room." That's pretty amazing coming from the most notorious party stooge in recent history. If she's so smart, why did she let herself be Karl Rove's marionette in November 2000? If Harris is smart, it is only in the most cynical, sinister, Machiavellian sense of the word. By subverting democratic principles, she got an easy ride to Congress. The ends justify the means, I suppose. Kathy, you'll always be a bastard in my book.

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