Monday, January 09, 2006

Two Problems with The 40 Year-Old Virgin

Overall, I liked The 40 Year-Old Virgin. I mean, it's from a predictable genre, but it had some good laughs. It was worth seeing once. There were, however, two issues in this movie that really irritated me.

First, some characters in the movie make Andy (Steve Carell) out to be a loser because he doesn't have a car and rides a bike instead. Riding a bike doesn't make you a loser, a failure, or a virgin. Neither does not owning a car. There were years when I had a successful business and a six-figure income, and I didn't own a car. And guess what? I got laid too! Sometimes the auto-centrism of our society gets on my nerves. It's as if you're "nothing" without a car. Hardly.

Second, the movie demonizes pornography. When Andy's girlfriend finds the porn that his friend gave him, she wigs out and asks if he's a freak (or weirdo, whatever) just because he has porn. Sheesh, lady, grow up. It's a $12 billion industry, and there just aren't enough freaks out there to be spending that much. Come on, it wasn't even freaky porn, it was just regular stuff (I'd give examples of freaky, but my mom reads this blog). One more thing: if Andy had been a porn consumer prior to that fateful card game when his inexperience was revealed, he probably would have been able to bluff his way through it instead. Any Penthouse Letters story would have worked in that situation (unless one of the other guys had read that letter before!).

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