Tuesday, January 24, 2006

The Iranian Nuclear Non-Threat

Here's more fun reading from the past weekend. This article points out how ridiculous it is to consider Iran a nuclear threat to the United States. And the corporate media won't tell you, but what really keeps George and Dick up at night is the prospect of an Iranian Oil Bourse that trades in euros instead of US dollars. By the way, Saddam Hussein made the same currency switch before the Bush administration suddenly declared him a threat to our national security.

The conflict with Iran is not about nuclear power, nuclear weapons, or even oil. It's about currency. Right now countries need to stockpile dollars to buy oil, which is traded in New York and London. If they can buy oil with euros instead, they don't need our money anymore. When other countries don't need our money, our currency will lose value. It could be catastrophic, along the lines of the 1930s (peak oil could have that effect, too). Fortunately our president is willing to use whatever means are necessary to prevent that from happening, even if it ignites World War III. The Israelis are supposedly champing at the bit to make a nuclear strike against Iran's nuke program. It's just another reason I go to bed happy and contented every night.

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