Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Anywhere I Lay My Head, I'm Gonna Call My Home

My gal in Beantown, Jen Garrett, put together a list of places she slept last year. I've always wanted to make a list of every town I've ever slept in, so reviewing 2005 is a start. Of course, this year was heavily influenced by my book project. I've slept in almost every Motel 6 in Illinois outside of Chicagoland. In fact, I'll put "*" next to every town where I didn't stay in a Motel 6! And you will see that there is no overlap between Jen's list and mine, so just stop those rumors!

Chicago, IL* (home)
Springfield, IL
Greenville, IL*
Senatobia, MS
Tuscaloosa, AL
Gadsden, AL
Columbus, OH
Asheville, NC
Marietta, GA
Newport, TN
Marion, IL
Normal, IL
Peoria, IL*
Mount Vernon, IL
Collinsville, IL
Carbondale, IL
Moline, IL
Effingham, IL
Freeport, IL*
Dubuque, IA*
Honorable Mention: Fulton, IL* (I had paid for my room, but I didn't sleep there because our dog Teddy got sick and I had to drive home ASAP. It was a nice, affordable place with free wi-fi, the Pine Motel. I'd love to go back, but it would just remind me of that night and depress me.)

It's not a long list compared to years past, but I spent at least five weeks on the road this year. I stayed in the same places repeatedly, particularly Marion, Springfield, Normal, and Moline. My biggest complaint about this year's list is that it's so boring. In 2003 I visited 48 states and probably slept in at least half of them. Now that was exciting!


Anonymous said...

Sure, there's no precise overlap, but Columbus, Ohio, is awfully close to Fairborn, Ohio. That's like an hour drive. I'm just saying.

And Chicago, by the way, is so on my list of cities to visit.

David Johnsen said...

Ha! But my wife was with me that night, so I have an alibi. Btw, the Motel 6 on the east side of Columbus is one of the scariest places I've stayed (lots of shady characters). If I hadn't made a guaranteed reservation on the credit card, we would have slept elsewhere. Come to think of it, it's pretty silly to risk one's life over $40, isn't it?

You'll love Chicago. Come when it's warmer and go for a run along the lakefront. It's one of the best urban paths in the world.