Thursday, December 08, 2005

Somewhere Osama Bin Laden Is Smiling

That's my reaction to the tragic news out of Miami yesterday. Two federal air marshals shot and killed a mentally ill man who ran down the aisle of a jet and said something about having a bomb. This is what terrorism is all about -- putting people on edge to the point where everyone becomes a suspect and innocents are killed. It happened in London after the subway bombings, and now it has happened here.

I'm not saying the marshals were right or wrong to suspect this bipolar Home Depot "paint guy." He was acting suspiciously, and they only had seconds to decide what to do. But in the end he is another victim of the war on terror. As a country we have to think about what it is costing us to assume the worst about everyone. One has to wonder how many plots are thwarted versus how many innocents are imprisoned or killed.

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