Thursday, November 10, 2005

Paul Harvey Awarded By Bush

This is just too funny. Paul Harvey, the "now you know the rest of the story" guy, was awarded a Medal of Freedom by President Bush yesterday. But Harvey is a famous radio man, a respected broadcaster who has touched the lives of millions, you say. Yes, but Harvey is also one of the foremost propagators of urban legends over the last half century. Go over to and search for his name (I did it for you). Granted, the first search results are stories attributed to Harvey that he had nothing to do with. As you move further down, however, you see classic legends that Harvey has passed off as recent news stories like "Tanner in the Works" (a 1961 Playboy joke that became "true" in a 1980 Harvey broadcast), "Just a Menudo," "Adam 12-Pack," "Cell o' Feign,""Verses, Foiled Again!" (claiming that Al Gore dyslexically cited the Bible verse John 16:3), "Too Late the Hero," "The Jogger's Billfold," and "Teddy Bared."

In fact, when writing about "Working Stiff" (the guy who supposedly sat dead at his office desk for five days before being discovered), Barbara and David Mikkelson write
The Sunday Mercury's source for the story was said to be "a New York radio station," which is not exactly the most reliable of sources. (Just think of how much misinformation Paul Harvey has spread via the radio over the years, all by himself.)
This guy is legendary in the world of urban legends! And now one of our most dishonest presidents has awarded him for playing loose with the truth for so many years.

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