Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Okay, I've Been Living Under A Rock...

Too bad I didn't post this for Halloween, but I just found out about it (I'm probably the only blogger in the world who missed it last month). "Climate Mash" is a hilarious spoof of "Monster Mash" featuring our favorite rogue administration. It includes Bush reprising his roles as frat boy and cheerleader, and best of all, it is sung by the original artist, Bobby "Boris" Pickett. Incidentally, it was created for Clear the Air with Macromedia Flash, which of course was how quickly the "Monster Mash" caught on.

Pickett has his own Web site where he sells merchandise. Bobby "Boris" Pickett trading cards? Who buys this stuff? Perhaps his autobiography would be more interesting, but I can't imagine paying $21.95 for it. Check out his nifty outfit.

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