Saturday, November 19, 2005

No Bad Dreams But Still Coughing

I thought I had it all figured out last night. I found Friday afternoon that if I was lying on my stomach, I didn't cough much. Alas, when it came time Friday night to try this, it didn't work at all. I kept coughing. Oh well, I hate sleeping on my stomach anyway. I tried lying on my side instead, and it actually worked, more or less. I slept about 2.5 hours and had a dream where I was in this huge industrial complex, as if my coughs were being turned to productive labor. But unlike the last two nights, my dreams weren't punctuated by coughs.

When I awoke, I expected to be surrounded by lots of aluminum or steel products. Instead, I was alone on the couch, still on my side, just a lump with a weak cough. That damned Robitussin again. After taking six doses over the past two days, I have confirmed my complaint from a previous post -- the stuff lasts only three hours but you're supposed to wait four before taking more. I stayed up for half an hour drinking cold water and cleaning the eye goo off my sty. Then, like last night, I bent the rules at 3.5 hours and took more cough syrup. This time I slept another 2.5 hours and awoke to sunshine. I seem to be getting better, but not soon enough to enjoy the weekend.

Super gross-out story (you've been warned): After finishing my oatmeal on Friday morning, I kept the bowl at my side and used it to spit out all the greenish-brown lumps of stuff I was coughing up. My wife was so disgusted that she wanted me to throw away the bowl (I didn't, but I washed it myself). Now here's the worst part... Our dog Rosco tried to drink the bowl when I wasn't looking!

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