Sunday, November 06, 2005

Honesty Is Such A Lonely Word

Kudos to Gina Gershon, who is starring in tonight's CBS TV movie Category 7: The End Of The World. Friday night she was on The Late Late Show, obviously to plug the movie (one fault of that show is that too many guests are from CBS programs). Host Craig Ferguson asked her something about it, and she said (approximate quote), "It's more like Mastercheese Theatre... It's so over-the-top!"

It was very refreshing to see someone in Hollywood admit that his/her latest work shouldn't be taken seriously. I wonder how the top brass at CBS felt about that comment, though, considering they probably expected her to talk about what a great movie it is (they've certainly wasted enough airtime promoting it). We'll have to see if Gershon gets another role with the network.

Gershon did say one thing to defend the movie--she noted that it started filming a month before Hurricane Katrina. Some critics are accusing CBS of having poor taste (for gosh sakes, folks, what do you expect? It's a TV movie!), or worse, for sensationalizing or capitalizing on that disaster.

Actually, Ferguson is a fan of ridiculous TV movies, seeing them for the farce that they are. He was so excited to be in Vampire Bats last week as Fisherman #1 (promos for the movie that ran during his show even focused on his miniscule role, which I found hilarious). At one point he called Gershon's movie "Category 7: Day of the Dead" or something like that, which made her laugh.

UPDATE 11/11/2005 - Oops, I was a week off. Category 7 is on this Sunday. That puts it up against Saturday Night Live in the '80s: Lost and Found, which gives me yet another reason not to watch the bombastic CBS movie (I was already planning to wash my hair that night).

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