Thursday, October 13, 2005

Poseur Lessons

I got an e-mail survey today from the University of Illinois at Chicago's External Education program about their plans for a Business Communication Certificate. It focuses on all the things that go into being a corporate success, including presenting a certain image. It's wasted on me--if I wanted to play that game, I wouldn't have gone freelance. The survey lists a variety of courses, asking if the respondent would take them. I hope this class doesn't poll well:
TALKING ABOUT THE ARTS - Confidence when discussing a current film, art exhibit, or musical program builds your reputation as a person of broad interests and awareness, a major factor in career mobility. This course gives you a simple, interactive vocabulary and chronology to help you find your comfort level in the visual and performing arts.
Look, either you are into "the arts," or you are not. If you are, then you know how to talk about them because you really care. If not, just shut up. Discussing film, art, or music merely to make yourself look good is pathetically insincere.

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