Sunday, October 23, 2005

Con Man In Chief

George McEvoy, a columnist for the Palm Beach Post, discusses President Bush's ability as a con artist. He begins by recalling the "Mission Accomplished" show on the USS Lincoln two years ago:
For a while, the most obvious con jobs worked for Bush the Younger. That landing on the aircraft carrier, with him squeezed into a flight suit, strutting across the deck in front of a huge sign reading "Mission Accomplished," was so blatant that, watching it on TV, I figured all those sailors and Marines would burst out laughing at any moment. But no, they must have been under orders to be cheerleaders for the head cheerleader. And the public fell for it all.
Then he moves on to Bush's phony video conference with soldiers in Iraq on October 13. Without even mentioning the video showing soldiers being coached beforehand by Pentagon official Allison Barber, McEvoy notes
What did them in was the language they used to answer questions. It obviously was scripted. When a captain from Idaho was asked whether the Iraqis wanted to fight and were capable of defending their homeland against the insurgents, he replied: "The Iraqi army and policy (sic) services, along with coalition support, have conducted many and mutiple (sic) exercises and rehearsals. It was impressive to me to see the cooperation and communication that took place among the Iraqi forces."
Then he moves in for the kill: "That's not the way soldiers, or any other group of Americans, talk. That's the way Pentagon or White House hacks write." Can anybody really be falling for this stuff?

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