Monday, September 12, 2005

A Hero For Our Time

Dr. Ben Marble is the man who spoke for all of us to Dick Cheney in New Orleans last Thursday:
"So we grabbed my Canon digital rebel and my Sony videocamera and started walking down the street," Marble wrote. "And then right in front of the destroyed tennis court I used to play on Dick Cheney was giving a pep rally, talking to the press. The Secret Service guys patted us down and waved the wands over us, and then let us pass."

As he stood about 10 feet away from Cheney and his friend and some camera operators from CNN and other media filmed the scene, Marble suddenly yelled, "Go f*** yourself, Mr. Cheney! Go f*** yourself, you a**hole!"

Hey, at least Marble was polite. After all, he referred to Cheney as “Mr. Cheney.”

"I had no intention of harming anyone but merely wanted to echo Mr. Cheney's infamous words back at him," Marble wrote.
Although Senator Patrick Leahy must have chuckled, the veep's stormtroopers didn't share Marble's sense of humor. After Marble left the scene, they tracked him down, handcuffed him, and detained him for 20 minutes. Eventually they had to admit that he hadn't broken any laws (damn that pesky First Amendment), so they let him go.

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Anonymous said...

well here is some video that includes the footage we shot that day of my encounter with The Dick....