Wednesday, September 28, 2005

The Hammer Gets Nailed

After years of mischief, House Majority Leader Tom DeLay is finally getting his due. He was indicted today by a Texas grand jury for conspiracy in a campaign finance scheme. It's probably the least of his sins, and I'd love nothing (well, okay, one thing) more than to see this guy hang for his crimes.

Notice how DeLay keeps ripping on Ronnie Earle, the Travis County District Attorney. He is trying to frame this as a partisan issue. But wait... although he is a Democrat, Earle has prosecuted many more Democrats than he has Republicans. That doesn't sound like the record of a party hack; it sounds more like the work of a rare crusader against corrupt politicians. DeLay is going after Earle because he doesn't have a good defense. Besides,
The grand jury's foreman, William Gibson, told The Associated Press that Earle didn't pressure members one way or the other. "Ronnie Earle didn't indict him. The grand jury indicted him," Gibson told The Associated Press in an interview at his home.
Good point! I wonder if the Republicans will create another media diversion a la Terry Schiavo to draw attention away from this. One may recall that the heat was on DeLay for his ethical bankruptcy when the Schiavo battle conveniently pushed him off page one. To follow the DeLay story from a slightly biased point of view, check out The Daily DeLay.

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