Friday, July 29, 2005

Teddy Update

Teddy's red blood cell count appears to be stable around 20, so they let us take him home yesterday. Although he struggled a bit climbing the stairs to the front door, he is still able to jump up on our bed. He is mostly sleeping, but he did that before he got sick--after all, he is a dog, and an elderly one at that. For the most part, he's the same old Teddy. We are giving him half a dozen pills a day, some of which he'll have to take for the rest of his life. Tomorrow we'll go to his regular vet to get his blood tested again. If he's around 25, then we're on track for recovery. If not, we may have to increase his medication.

I have long resisted the Internet cliche of posting dog photos, but since Blogger recently incorporated images, here you go...

UPDATE 08/02/2005: So far, so good. Teddy's color is better, and he is acting more and more like his usual self. He's also enjoying the treats bestowed on him by his concerned fan club. The vet added antibiotics and a nutritional supplement (SAMe, B-complex, antioxidants), so now he's taking a dozen pills a day. Fortunately, thanks to Merkts cheese he is none the wiser.

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