Sunday, May 08, 2005

Performance Bicycle Copywriter Blows It

This week I received a promotional e-mail from Performance Bicycle. The subject line said it all: "Just Added - 4 Day Only Blowouts."
Hurry in to your Lincoln Park Performance Bicycle and save on even more incredible gear during our Spring Fever Sale! Now through Sunday - 4 days only - we've added some incredible blowouts to our massive Spring Fever Sale! Check out these incredible 4-day only Blowouts!
Doesn't it sound like they are advertising really lousy tubes or tires? Personally, I expect to get at least a solid week out of mine, and I would prefer a simple flat instead of a blowout. If Goodyear or Firestone advertised "4 Day Only Blowouts," would you shop there? Maybe Performance Bicycle should hire a copywriter who thinks about these things!

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Anonymous said...

Just a comment: Don't blame the copywriter if the marketing department won't let him do his/her job.