Friday, April 22, 2005

Pickle Park Perils

Truck drivers call interstate rest areas "pickle parks," particularly those where gays "hook up." Every time I veer onto the exit ramp to stop at a rest area, it has become a running joke for me to say, "I hope this isn't a pickle park."

One afternoon last week I pulled into the Green Creek Rest Area on northbound I-57 near Effingham. I parked and walked into the building. A man was walking in front of me, and I followed him (at a distance) toward the bathroom door. As he neared the door, he stopped, turned around, and asked, "You want ice cream?" *Gulp* I have heard a similar euphemism before, but surely this man wasn't propositioning me--was he? I mean, I would have showered the night before had I known...

I looked over my shoulder to see that he was addressing his wife who was standing in front of an ice cream bar vending machine. *Phew!*

Actually, there is a whole subculture of gay truckers and men who want to, um, meet them. Here's
one example. If you ever wanted to know how to cruise for trucker studs via CB radio, the Naked Trucker offers this guide (note: my brother drives a big rig, but he is not the Naked Trucker, at least as far as I know). By the way, for those of you who last used CB radio in its 1970s heyday (think "Convoy"), don't call other truckers "good buddy" anymore--nowadays it almost always refers specifically to a gay driver. A homophobic, redneck trucker will probably run you off the road if you call him "good buddy."


Anonymous said...

I've seen quite a bit in my years as a big-rig driver (I've been oper
ating motor coaches since I quite
the freight biz in 2005). Probably
the most bizarre scene was pulling
into a rest area on NB I-95 in South Carolina just north of the
Georgia line (I believe that rest
area is now closed). There was a
black broad scanning the scene from
the driver's seat of some small
passenger vehicle. I was wondering
what was going on until a South Caroling Department of Corrections
van pulled up. The broad went into
a port-a-potty(keep in mind, it was
in the high 80's that day) and waited. Sure enough, one of the guys picking up litter WENT INTO THE PORT-A-POTTY and didn't come
out for the five minutes I languished before I finally had to
It's bad enough having sex in
a rest area; it worse having sex in
a rest area in broad daylight; it
can't get worse than having sex with a convict in a rancid, putrid
port-a-potty on a hot, humid summer
day in a South Caroline rest area.

I wonder if the flies bothered them
at all...

Anonymous said...

As has always been the case, gays (and bisexual men), not to mention lesbians, have had to develop a somewhat covert subculture with code words and signals in order to meet each other. While the internet has somewhat solved this problem, the idea of anonymous, covert sex continues because being gay or bi is still stigmatized - especially true in the case of truckers and other "macho" types, often from rural or backwater areas, who have often gone the marriage route despite their internal desires to have sex with other men. So it's hardly surprising that "cruising areas" have become a well established fact. It's too bad our society simply can't accept people as they are, and allow them to meet openly, not make them fear discrimination, and help them understand safe sex practices. Instead, we continue to live in a backward culture where "religious" morons are given undue influence in public policy. Thankfully, our youth seem to be more enlightened. Maybe there's hope yet for this country.

Anonymous said...

In the old fashioned, unmanned rest areas the sexual activity was rampant between men. Being a gay man and also a truck driver, I can vouch for so much of what goes on and does not go on in rest areas. Up through the 80s gay men seeking to service truck drivers would cut or break holes in the walls between toilets so they could service the macho trucker's manliness in the privacy of the closed stalls. I have been on both ends of this service and have found that all of the truckers seeking service are very well endowed, mostly married with children, and are only seeking the great release brought on from the experienced oral copulation of their enormous pulsating member by a hungry and well trained mouth and tongue. We men looking to service these modern day cowboys are looking for slim, muscular, hairy bodies, thick moustaches, and large, lengthy, horny sex organs.
Unfortunately, as often in life, there are the fat, soft, effeminate types out there behind the wheel as well. These are the ones that will usually resort to mutual copulation of the trucker-sucker in order to get their own organ serviced. Some gays actually like this type and are refereed to as chubby-chasers.
The only other type is bears. This is the majority of Bi or Gay truckers. A bear is a handsome, hairy, masculine, but fat man. They are often average in organ size, and also will often mutually provide the organ for servicing, and service the trucker-sucker as well.
In the late 80s and early 90s, law enforcement has virtually put a stop to any and all sexual action conducted in and around the modern, maned rest areas. The CB introduced the only avenue for men to meet for such activities to be conducted inside of the driver's sleeper berth. Today, an awaiting gay looking to service truckers will broadcast a cell phone number intermittently over the CB or write the number on the walls of the rest area stalls so interested drivers can call the number and speak in privacy to set up a meeting. This is the safest way to meet your hot and horny cowboy trucker and avoid the State Police, who by the way I have had the fortunate honor to service one back in the early 80s.
Meeting any stranger for any reason caries a level of risk, not necessarily from the law, but from the driver himself. It is rare, but gays have been beaten and even murdered by unknown drivers for initiating and or concluding such activity. Yes, there was one that killed men and women AFTER they serviced him, the I-71 Rapist.

Anonymous said...

In 1975, I was a musician traveling throughout the South in my car. Because I was pretty broke, I used to nap at rest stops. However, I noticed that when I was going back north and got to North Carolina, I discovered by accident that, at least in that state, rest stops were hang-outs for gay men trying to meet up. Usually this took place during late-night hours. In one case, I was approached by a man, who walked right over to my car to ask me if I "had a light" (for a cigarette). He stood outside of my door for several long minutes, smoking his cigarette, while I looked straight ahead. At another rest stop in N. Carolina, I was sitting on the trunk of my car in a quiet spot in the rest stop, playing my guitar. I was only 21 at the time and a man (probably in his 40s) approached me, started up a conversation and got very close very fast. After he grabbed my knee, I stood up quickly, through the guitar in its case, started up my car and drove away while he stood there gawking at me. I thought ' how unfortunate for these people that this is what they had to resort to'. Regardless, I was glad to leave North Carolina, because I still needed to sleep in some rest stops as I headed back up north.