Thursday, April 21, 2005

Mid-Life Name Crisis

One of my wife's friends, a single woman in her forties, has decided that she wants to change her last name. "I know it would upset my dad, but I never liked my name." Her dad is in his eighties. Is it really worth doing this now? Not to be crude, but couldn't she wait him out?

"People used to make jokes about my name," she said. I won't reveal her name, but it is not the sort of name that is obviously undesireable or hard to live with. I knew a woman whose married name was Moist--that might be hard to live with. This woman's name happens to be a fairly common brand name, but it's not something like "Massengill" that would make someone blush. I suggested that she change her name to that of a competing brand. Nor is her surname notorious like "Dahmer," "Manson," or "Coulter." Besides, didn't most of us get over having our names ridiculed sometime before high school?

Her future name is nothing special, in my opinion, although it is alliterative (my wife and mother both married into alliteration). She even realizes how silly this is, acknowledging that another friend told her upon hearing the news, "You're really into yourself." Maybe this is her way of saying she's never going to get married, so she might as well just pick a name she likes. From my wife's experience changing her name, I can't see why anyone would want to go through the hassle anyway. Heck, my only name crisis occurred when "Big Johnson" T-shirts disappeared from stores (I found them online, but I'm still waiting for the Norwegian "Big Johnsen" version).

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