Saturday, April 16, 2005

Close Call For Rosco

Our dog Rosco (named for Dukes of Hazzard character Rosco P. Coltrane) recently had knee surgery, but he is recovering well. We have been walking him a bit further day by day. Recently we walked him across the Chicago River bridge for the first time since he injured his leg. As we were coming downhill from the bridge, we saw a runner followed by a bicyclist coming toward us on the sidewalk. Rosco doesn't like runners much, and he hates cyclists (along with roller-bladers, skateboarders, and delivery trucks). I pulled our dogs onto the grassy parkway to wait for the two men to pass, shortening Rosco's leash in the process (our other dog has little prey drive).

As they approached, we recognized the runner... it was Illinois Governor Rod Blagojevich, who lives just a few blocks from us (he stirred controversy by refusing to relocate his family to the Governor's Mansion in Springfield, but he didn't want to disrupt his children's schooling). He was being followed by a state trooper on a bicycle. He said hello to us, and Rosco lunged toward him. Fortunately, I anticipated this. I pulled hard on his leash and thwarted the assassination attempt. Rosco tried again as the state trooper rode by us.

No harm was done, but we were a little embarrassed. As we continued down the street, we realized what could have happened. If Rosco had bitten the Governor, the state trooper might have drawn his gun, and Rosco's $2,700 knee surgery would have been for naught. We further imagined that a veterinarian would perform an autopsy and tell us, "His knee was healing perfectly... until he got shot."

By the way, this weekend Blagojevich will become the first governor to run in the River to River Relay, an 80-mile race across southern Illinois contested by eight-person teams.


Anonymous said...

$2,700 for a dog's knee??? And to think, millions of children go to bed hungry every night.

Luke said...

Maybe Rosco was trying to tell the trooper that he shouldn't be bicycling on the sidewalk.

David Johnsen said...

To Anonymous: Some people spend their money on gas-guzzling SUVs, recreational drugs, booze, cosmetic surgery, or Starbucks coffee. We spent some on our dog. Mind your own business and spare me the Sally Struthers speech.

To Luke: I agree. As a law-abiding cyclist, I hate sidewalk riders and the bad reputation they give to all cyclists. Sidewalk riding in Chicago is illegal for adults, but I suppose Blagojevich and his protectors are above the law.

Anonymous said...

If someone posts that I was golfing on a work day, I get called into the HR office to ask why I didn't take a sick day. I'd like to see the Governor's time card for that one.

Who cares about the River to River Relay? This guy can get himself in shape on his own time, isn't he supposed to be running our state?

PS $2700 is a bargain for a new knee, next time I blow out my ACL, I'm going to my vet instead.

David Johnsen said...
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David Johnsen said...

Since President Bush takes time out of his day for exercise (as he also did when governing Texas), I suppose that sets an example for governors.

In Blagojevich's defense, being governor involves activities throughout the day. Going for a run in the afternoon might just be "comp time" for something scheduled that evening. Of course, if one can show that he should have been at some particular event at the time he was running, then he's playing hooky.

Anonymous said...

You should have let Rosco do his dogly duty.