Friday, February 04, 2005

Great Marketing Idea: Pen!s Shrinkage Products

We've all received plenty of spam e-mail for products to enlarge pen!ses. Heck, I even get e-mail to enlarge my breasts (if I wanted big hairy man-boobs, I wouldn't have gone on a diet). Anyway, I think the Next Big Thing could be peni!s shrinkage products.

"Huh?" you ask. "Why would a man want a smaller unit?" Ah, that is why I am such a visionary marketeer. Shrinkage products would only be sold at retail stores. Think about it. You see a cut/hot/babelicious woman working the check-out line. How are you going to impress her? Yep, you'll just take that pen!s shrinkage product to the counter. Maybe give her a wink or mumble something about having too much for most women to handle.

Bingo, you've just gotten your foot in the door. Now you have a great chance with that babe, at least until that rolled-up sock stuffed in your shorts falls out.

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