Friday, February 25, 2005

Clever Packaging From Dell

I found a small package in my mailbox from Dell the other day. Inside was a lonely sheet of tri-folded paper. The letter alerted me to an AC adapter recall for a notebook computer I bought half a decade ago. Certain adapters can overheat and possibly cause fire or electric shock. I still have the computer, although it's been years since I used it. It had some quirky performance issues, so I never trusted it. I have learned since that flaky Windows Me was probably responsible for my troubles rather than the hardware, but I do all of my mobile work on a Panasonic ToughBook instead (the Panasonic is slower but more durable than the Dell, the sort of computer that is ideal for the abuse of a cross-country bike trip).

Anyway, as soon as I read the letter I recognized the genius of the 5"x9"x1" white cardboard box. I could have easily ignored a plain envelope from Dell, figuring that it was just a sales pitch (though it occurs to me that a professional copywriter should not admit to ignoring sales letters!), or it could have been lost amid an overwhelming pile of charity solicitations and credit card offers. Instead, the unusual packaging immediately got my attention. As it turns out, my adapter is not affected, but you can check your Dell AC adapter here.

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