Thursday, January 20, 2005

8-Track Memories - Introduction

Judging from the comments, my blog entries about music seem to be the most popular. With that in mind, I am starting a series about the music of my youth. These will be bands that I liked before high school, which means prior to 1984. My dad introduced me to a lot of this music. It's weird to think that back then my dad was younger than I am now. I'm calling this "8-Track Memories" in honor of my preferred musical format at the time (actually, my dad had a recording 8-track deck, so many of my "8-Track Memories" originated on vinyl).

I hardly ever listen to most of these bands anymore (I finally gave up on 8-tracks around 1985). For me, music evokes a certain period of my life. Once that period is gone, the music just isn't the same. I still like it in some way, but not enough to seek it out and play it. Of course, when I hear those songs, I still know all the words. Call it "comfort music." Stay tuned...

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