Thursday, December 02, 2004

The Return Of King Tut

The Field Museum will be hosting another King Tut exhibit in 2006. The article in today's Chicago Tribune recalled "Tutmania" in the summer of 1977. Somehow I don't see the new exhibit being nearly as popular as the first. For one thing, it will be expensive. The Field Museum hasn't set a price, but a museum in Los Angeles will be charging $25-30 for non-members. Also, it is hard to imagine today's Americans getting excited about ancient history. Our culture is so dominated by newness and trash these days. Most people would be more interested in a reality TV show set in the pyramids of Egypt, or maybe the Pyramid Arena in Memphis, TN.

On the topic of Tutmania, I was shocked that the article didn't mention the first person I thought of when I saw the headline: Steve Martin. After all, how many historical/cultural/art exhibits have spawned a #17 hit single like "King Tut?" Of course, the second thing I thought of came nearly a decade later: the Bangles' hit "Walk Like An Egyptian." My third thought was of a friend who went to Egypt with a college archeology class--and that the instructor wanted her to be his mistress.

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