Tuesday, November 30, 2004

Some Consolation - This Won't Last Forever

Leonard Steinhorn writes in Salon that the cultural/moral values of baby boomers and their children are very different from the social conservatives who appear to be steering this country's policies. It is only a matter of time before these evangelicals and older Americans become woefully outnumbered anachronisms. He makes an interesting analogy:
And why do social conservatives loom so large in our politics today? The best historical parallel for them may be the Luddites who terrorized Britain two centuries ago, the workers who traveled around the country smashing machines for fear that the Industrial Revolution would destroy their jobs and way of life. They were loud, and their tenacity gave the impression that they represented more Britons than they actually did, when in fact they were merely acting out their despair and outrage at a world that was passing them by. Today's social conservatives are our cultural Luddites.
So as we watch the Bush administration take its mandate off the deep (right) end, the best we can hope is that America isn't destroyed (and I'm not talking about the terrorism bogeyman) before younger generations get a chance to put the nation back on track.


Anonymous said...

What's scary is that not all the "cultural Luddites" are old -- there is a growing, vocal, conservative movement afoot within Generation Y. They are the ones who will run the country when we are old and gray ...

David Johnsen said...

Unfortunately, you're right about Generation Y conservatives. My brother is one of them. I can't see how any of Bush's policies have done anything for him, but he never considered voting for Kerry. The same goes for most of my family--Bush has done nothing for them, but they support him anyway.

I just hope that when the draft is reinstated (and it's almost a sure thing, considering the administration's projected troop requirements in Iraq coupled with the objective of "bringing democracy to the Middle East"), they don't take 25-26 year-olds. While I'd love to show my brother what a fool he is politically, I don't want him to pay with his life.