Wednesday, November 24, 2004

Giving Thanks

Last night in an unusual fit of husbandly generosity, I offered to take my wife to the mall. My reasoning was clear: we would go to the mall a couple days before Thanksgiving because I won't go near one between Thanksgiving and Christmas. After half an hour, I wished I hadn't offered. I'm a high-speed power shopper, while my wife is a dawdler at best. In the stores she likes, I spend a long time twiddling my thumbs while she meanders back and forth past the same three shelves of items. In the stores I like, I case the joint in five minutes and spend the next ten trying to get her out the door. I rarely find anything worth buying, while she inevitably wants to buy overpriced, fragrant items. The only type of store we can visit together and enjoy is a bookstore, and I have a $209 receipt from Barnes & Noble last night to prove it (in our defense, half of that was for gifts).

Anyway, in the midst of this predictably painful experience, I found something to be thankful for this Thanksgiving: the Internet. Without it, I'd have to spend more time at the malls.

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