Friday, October 15, 2004


So let me get this straight... Kerry mentioned something about Cheney's openly lesbian daughter in the last debate, and now the Republicans are going after him for mentioning her? They just can't handle the "L" word, can they?

This was not an "attack" against Mary Cheney. What Alan Keyes said at the convention was, but this was not. Kerry was simply using her as an example of a person who did not "choose" to be a lesbian, but was born as one. Scientific evidence generally supports this theory, not that Bush cares much about science. Kerry's point in mentioning Mary Cheney was that we are not talking about a conceptual thing, we are talking about real people. He did not say anything against her lifestyle, and he did not reveal anything that people don't already know. It's as if he had been talking about women's rights and mentioned that, oh-my-gosh, Laura Bush is a woman, too!

It just amazes me how the Repugnicans blow things like this out of proportion. Maybe they should replace their elephant mascot with a molehill that morphs into a mountain. They are just upset that Kerry was the better debater. Now they're up against the ropes, and they'll do anything to try to make the Dems look bad, regardless of what Kerry actually says.

This strategy of distraction has been used ad nauseum over the last four years. The main reason the gay marriage constitutional amendment issue was resurrected was to take Iraq out of the headlines (and to a lesser extent to rally the fundamentalist Christian wing of the party). It's obvious that every day the media spend covering the manufactured "controversy du jour" is a day that the media aren't talking about the failings of the Dubya administration.

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