Wednesday, October 20, 2004

Endorsements For Bush

President Bush isn't supported by his local (Crawford, TX) newspaper, but he has received a couple of other endorsements lately.

For some reason, a number of Chicago Tribune readers are up in arms over the paper's endorsement of President Bush. These readers sadly demonstrate a lack of historical knowledge. The Tribune's Republican roots run deep--to the founding of the party 150 years ago. From the web site of Cantigny, the estate of former Tribune editor and publisher Colonel Robert R. McCormick:

As editors and publishers of the Chicago Tribune, Joseph Medill and Robert Rutherford McCormick (Medill's grandson) used the newspaper as a forum for advocating their own political points of views. On a national scale, Joseph Medill was instrumental in helping to establish the Republican National Party and in securing Abraham Lincoln’s election to the Presidency of the United States.
So while I do not agree with the editorial board's choice, I certainly wouldn't cancel my subscription over it, as some readers have. This endorsement was a foregone conclusion. Indeed, as Eric Zorn wrote in his blog, "...The next time [the Tribune] endorses a Democrat for president will be the first."

The second endorsement is much more interesting and amusing to me: Iran. Although Bush called them part of "the axis of evil," they figure that a Republican president is better since, as the article says, "Democrats tend to press human-rights issues."

Again, a little historical perspective helps to explain this. Remember the Iran-Contra affair that Dubya's daddy was involved in (yet somehow didn't hang for)? Come to think of it, in light of that treasonous Republican scheme (the U.S. sold arms to the country that sponsored the 1983 truck bombing in Lebanon that killed 241 American soldiers), how can so many Americans trust the GOP to fight the "war on terror?" Then again, the American people elevated vice president Bush to the presidency despite his involvement (he proceeded to pardon the others on his way out of office in 1992). If you aren't familiar with Iran-Contra, please visit this site; it is chilling in light of our current world.

Alas, the Bush administration isn't quite ready to embrace the axis of evil: "It's not an endorsement we'll be accepting anytime soon," spokesman Scott Stanzel said.

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