Wednesday, September 01, 2004

Why My Wife Doesn't Have My Phone Number

Years ago, I shared a telephone at work with two other consultants. One was married, and his wife called him several times a day, usually for no good reason. Since the phone lived on my desk, this quickly got annoying. I vowed that if I ever got married, I wasn't going to talk to my wife about nonsense all day at work.

Now, my wife is a terrible time-waster on the phone. She'll complain that I don't call often enough when I travel, but when I do, she just recites the plot of a movie she saw or some other garbage (really irritating when we're paying for long distance!). Two months ago I started a short consulting engagement. From the start, I have resisted giving my wife my phone number. After a few weeks, it started to bug her. She gave me the old, "What if there's an emergency?" line. Well, odds are good that I can't do anything about it until I get home anyway.

A few days ago, my wife woke up with a tight spot in her upper back that made it painful to turn her head. Being a caring husband, I called her a few hours after I got to work (she works nights) to see how she was feeling. She proceeded to tell me all about the cases that Judge Judy was hearing on TV that day. I had to interrupt her to find out that she felt better.

Needless to say, she still doesn't have my work phone number.

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