Friday, September 03, 2004

Who's The Big Spender?

In his acceptance speech last night, Bush had the nerve to brand Kerry as a spendthrift. I found this amazing considering that the Bush administration has been anything but fiscally conservative. Andrew Sullivan agrees:
And Bush's astonishing achievement is to make the case for all this new spending, at a time of chronic debt (created in large part by his profligate party), while pegging his opponent as the "tax-and-spend" candidate. The chutzpah is amazing. At this point, however, it isn't just chutzpah. It's deception. To propose all this knowing full well that we cannot even begin to afford it is irresponsible in the deepest degree. I've said it before and I'll say it again: the only difference between Republicans and Democrats now is that the Bush Republicans believe in Big Insolvent Government and the Kerry Democrats believe in Big Solvent Government. By any measure, that makes Kerry - especially as he has endorsed the critical pay-as-you-go rule on domestic spending - easily the choice for fiscal conservatives.
That's a great distinction: insolvent versus solvent. After Bush squandered Clinton's budget surplus, I think that difference really makes the case for Kerry. I hope his campaign pushes that.

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