Wednesday, September 08, 2004

Sleep Deprivation And Drunkenness

I don't get much sleep. I know that I should, but it just doesn't happen. My thinking is that if I die tomorrow, I would hate to have wasted most of my final hours asleep. On the other hand, if I die because I am drowsy, I guess that would ruin my logic. I usually sleep four-and-a-half or six hours a night. I seem to get away with it as long as I hit the 90-minute REM cycles. My wife says that a lack of sleep makes me irritable, but I think it's just my nature.

She doesn't understand because she sleeps all the time. If we go to bed at 2 AM, I get up at 6 AM and she gets up around noon (this is great because I get a few hours in the morning to do whatever I want, as long as I don't make too much noise). Last night, my wife went to a seminar at work where the instructor said that if you sleep less than four hours, you will react as if you have a blood alcohol content of 0.10. Alertness could be important to a police officer. In my current consulting position, however, it is not as critical. Since I sleep a little more, my BAC would be lower, maybe 0.05--just a little tipsy. Tipsy is how I make it through my work day. With the demise of the three-martini lunch, not to mention the hip flask, I need a little sleep deprivation to deal with what work throws at me. In three more weeks this job will be finished and I can get back to writing full time. But I still won't get enough sleep.

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