Wednesday, September 01, 2004

McCain Calls Illinois Senate Race

Alan Keyes continues to lose friends and disappoint people. He will provide some much-needed comic relief for the next two months. I could get mad about some of the things he says, but he is so far out there that there's no point. Yesterday, John McCain, one of the few Republicans I like, was asked whether Republicans could hold onto the Senate: "I think it's clear we lose Illinois."

Yesterday, Keyes said to Tribune reporter John Kass, "You are acting as a media surrogate for the Democratic Party!" I read his columns occasionally, and Kass is anything but. Even a fellow reporter rushed to Kass' defense: "You call Mr. Kass an agent of the Democratic Party? You're the first politician I've ever encountered who has called him that!"

Of course, Keyes got much more attention yesterday for saying that Dick Cheney's daughter, Mary, like all gays, is a "selfish hedonist." From the Tribune:
Informed about Keyes' comments from the radio program, McCain said, "I don't think that's appropriate, but it's not the first inappropriate remark Mr. Keyes has made. He made a remark the other day that people who perform abortions are the same as terrorists. That's a very unique take on that issue and one that's very seldom espoused."
McCain cracks me up. Another Republican, Judy Baar Topinka, is having a really hard time lately. As the chairman of the Illinois Republicans, she is the one who must clean up the messes Keyes leaves behind. She didn't even want him as a candidate, and now she has to (sort of) defend him. It's fun to watch her support her party while trying to hide her displeasure. "Without social moderates this party cannot win. It has to be center-right, it can't be right-right," she said, obviously criticizing Keyes, who is right-right-right-right. Then later, she pledged loyalty: "He is on the ticket. We will support the ticket." Poor Judy!

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