Thursday, September 02, 2004

Illinois GOP Reaction To Keyes

Big Jim Thompson, who was my governor from second grade through junior year of college, said this:

"I think those views are not only extreme but offensive. I think the people of Illinois will find those remarks offensive, and I think it's an offense to the political process that we have to suffer a candidate on our ticket who says things like that."


Judy Baar Topinka finally cracked, apparently seeing that others in her party didn't expect her to keep being nice: "I think it's nasty, and I don't like nasty politics," she said. "You don't pick on people's kids. Kids are off limits."

They really would have been better off keeping Jack Ryan. I think Obama would have won no matter what, but Ryan would have made it a lot closer. That is, unless uneducated voters confused him with that other Ryan, George, who was so crooked that he made Richard Daley look like George Bailey.

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