Friday, September 10, 2004


My uncle is going through a divorce that just gets uglier by the day. First my soon-to-be-former aunt tried to keep it from happening, even though it had been coming for many years. Then her strategy was to squeeze him for every cent. Much to her lawyer's disappointment, there wasn't much there to squeeze. Now he has finally succumbed to her demands (settling for less than one third of the house's value so that she can stay there) just to be rid of her and end this 18-month nightmare. She managed to give him one final screwing-over, though. She decided that he couldn't have the grand piano although they had agreed all along that it would be his. Then, God told her (supposedly, she's been conversing a lot with Him throughout the divorce) that she should show her Christian charity by giving him the upright piano instead. When I heard that, I wanted to drop that piano on her head. All along she has professed her undying love for him, but this betrays her true self (and selfishness). I'm glad that I'll never see her again.

Years ago, my uncle told me never to get married. If I had witnessed this divorce when I was single, I would have followed his advice.

UPDATE 11/15/2006 - My uncle is an idiot. Right after his divorce, he married someone else. Fool me once, shame on you, fool me twice...

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